Part Time Finance Director (FD)

Sarim Shami & Co Chartered Accountants provide a Finance Director (FD) service to meet individual business requirements, giving as much input as required on a cost effective basis.

A lot of small businesses and start-ups tend to rely on their accountants/bookkeeper as a sounding board and source of advice, but often that is not enough.

Every business needs strategic financial advice and support, no matter what their size or stage of growth. Sarim Shami & Co was established to provide this core support; whether it’s to solve difficult challenges, plot a future path to success, or cover an existing FD’s leave of absence.

An experienced FD will help you make better-informed decisions, drive efficiency, and increase responsibility and accountability in the business. All of which, gives you greater confidence in your finance function and lets you develop a long-term strategy to drive profitability and business value.

We provide commercial and operational support for companies that need the expertise of an FD, but not yet full-time. You will have a complete monitoring and support service, drawing on our team’s considerable experience dealing with small and medium sized businesses.

Benefits of using our FD service:

Cost effective solution

If you are not quite ready to recruit a full-time finance director, our FD service will fill the gap. Our service provides all the benefits of your own FD without the cost or commitment. No matter what stage of growth your company is at, our FD service will help you drive the business forward. All at a fraction of the cost of a full-time FD.

Wealth of experience and expertise

You get exactly the skills your business needs at your stage of growth. Our FDs have hands-on experience of dealing with the financial challenges your business now faces. They also have specific areas of expertise; whether that’s fundraising, driving growth, making the cash go further, or preparing a business for exit.


Our FD service is available as and when you need it; a few days a week, a few days a month or on a project by project basis.

To find out more about our FD service, please contact us using one of the methods below.

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We offer competitive pricing with flexible appointment times and are dedicated to offering a professional, friendly service.

If you want to find out about how you can take advantage of our flexible FD solution, simply call our friendly team now on 020 3962 4944 or drop us a line using our online enquiry form. You can also take advantage of a free one hour consultation using our online appointment booking service. Or simply email us your inquiry at

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